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    "Very happy with all the staff at Brain Balance"

    Last updated 10 hours ago

    • on Laci
    • Before Brain Balance: Focus, organization, grades & stomach issues were all a problem

      After Brain Balance:  Better grades, stomach issues resolved

    • LHinojosa Testimonial-1
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    • LHinojosa Testimonial-3

    "The coaches did an amazing job at helping Kenji process information"

    Last updated 1 day 5 hours ago

    • on Maureen
    • Before Brain Balance:  Tantrums, giving up, "I quit"

      After Brain Balance:  Calms self quickly, more reasonable, more positive when going gets tough, "instead of quitting, I WON'T give up!"

    • KHollines Testimonial-1
    • KHollines Testimonial-2

    "I feel the program helped Matthew/family in the best possible way"

    Last updated 1 month ago

    • on Nadine
    • Before Brain Balance: Behavioral issues at home & school, runs & hides to avoid tasks, poor testing, very impulsive, low cognitive thinking, delayed speech

      After Brain Balance:  "Matthew does not hide or run from tasks, he is more verbal about difficult issues, reading comprehension has improved, he's physcially... More

    • MBardis Testimonial-1
    • MBardis Testimonial-2

    "It Works" says the father of a 5 year old with Autism!

    Last updated 1 month ago

    • on Richard
    • Before Brain Balance: Difficulty getting to school, anger issues, difficulty going to sleep, sensitive to noise, communication of his thoughts, can't play well with other children\

      After Brain Balance:  He talks all the time now, noise sensitivity gone, limp gone, coordinated, way less angry, more cooperative!

    • R Williams testemonial
    • R WIlliams testemonial page 2

    "She's off all medications & goes to school"

    Last updated 1 month ago

    • on Marla
    • "Severe & frequent meltdowns, anxiety level very high, no social skills & she was homeschooled due to all of the above.  She is having fewer meltdowns, going to public school & off all medication"

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